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    In our little landhouse Miniera, everything gravitates around our "Perle Nere" (black pearls) - tiny little black olives which grow on a limited number of wild olive trees. It's them who give us the inspiration and the enthusiasm to proceed with our project: to transform our Perle Nere in a piece of art.
invisible 2015 harvest:  "so everyone plants an olive tree..."
In the antique, as apex of initiation rituals, every young Athenian had to plant an olive tree and care for it until adulthood...


ottobre/ l. 0,50 bottle - EU 23.--
novembre/ l. 0,50 bottle - EU 23.--
dicembre/ l. 0,50 bottle - EU 23.--

2015 Bottiglietta Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva Perle Nere Etichetta Perle Nere

    Due to the very little amount of Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva Perle Nere ® 2015, please be creative in your offer and contact us for availability.

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